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Product Image Baby Shark Bite Earrings

Baby Shark Bite Earrings

$9.95 $12.95

Grey Shark earrings simulating to be biting your ear, inspired in a cute design of a tiny Shark. Perfect gift for shark lovers. Totally handmade in polymer clay with a lot of care and love. All the details in the piece are made with polymer clay, even the tiniest details like eyes, nose, cheeks... Nothing is painted. This makes each piece unique and exclusive; therefore, there may be very very slight differences with the provided picture. Very light and comfortable to wear. Length 2,5cm Width 1,5 cm Composition Polymer clay Shark Earrings Bite Ear, Grey Shark Biting Ear, Funny Earrings, Shark Ear Biting Stud Earrings, Handmade polymer clay jewelry, Fun Earrings