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Product Image Venetian Murano Glass Bottle Pendant Necklace filled with Pheromone Jewelry - AttractionOil.com

Venetian Murano Glass Bottle Pendant Necklace with Pheromone Sample

$18.50 $25.00

This stunning purple and gold glass bottle wrapped in silver floral deco design hangs from a silver chain and is topped with a rhinestone diamond crown cork and yet another sparkling crystal below. Wear this bold fashion statement and everyone will ask you where you got it! 

19" filligree chain.

Approx 1.5" x .5" pendant.

Holds about a 1/2 dram (a little less than one of our sample bottles)

Comes filled with our famous pheromones, but of course once you empty it you can fill it with any scent you like!