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(These are real e-mails we have received from our customers!)

"I just received the fairy cellphone holder and it is so lovely ! This order was shipped so fast ! I had wanted this item and had a time trying to get it thru another company but your company was efficient in both confirmation and delivery ! I do recommend your company and thank you." ~ Cynthia in NV
"Hello again! The order came today and I just wanted to say I am very satisfied :) The packaging is cute and the scented oils smell fantastic, the cinnamon one is my favorite (boyfriend's favorite too) Thank you very much!" ~ Anastasiya in Israel
"I just want to let you know that my previous order included a sample of your new scent, Women's Pink Sugar Scented Pheromone Oil - Roll-On Bottle. I absolutely love it and plan on ordering it. It’s funny, the longer I wear it the better the scent gets. It really agrees with my chemistry. Love it. Thank you" ~ Estelle in CA
"Hi there!I recently ordered a sample/trial size of your white musk scented perfume oil and let me say it smells divine!I initially thought it would be comparable to the white musk scented perfume from the body shop,not quite,but it's still lovely ❤️ thank you." ~ Valerie
"...I am very pleased with your oils. I'm still working on combinations to see what reactions I get from people. Sometimes I'd like to simply have fun and comfortable conversations with women (who are not attracted to other women). I haven't found the perfect combination for that yet. On the other hand, the oils work EXTREMELY well with attracting men. So much so that I have to be careful. I've also purchased some oils for my son who has autism and can be socially awkward. The oils definitely work because the young ladies are giggly around him instead of being standoffish. In general, people (both males and females) are more tolerant of him and seem to enjoy his company much more when he wears the oils. LIFESAVER!!! He's 19 yrs old...need I say more?! So thank you Bryan! You also have impeccable customer service. Keep up the stellar work! Best regards" ~ JB in MI
"Just ordered 2 Peach for two women friends My friends love it and the men are responding like crazy with the 🍑 Peach oil. Thank you!" - Marie in CA
"Very impressed with your operation, although key chains were inexpensive items, the packaging and speed of shipping was unmatched, thanks." ~ Bob in OH
"Hi Bryan, I love your product and I have been using what I last ordered very sparingly. I lost my job and didn't have enough to spend. I am happy to say that I am back on track and able to afford the fun stuff again! I honestly believe that it helps me at work. Dealing with the public is hard, I need every advantage! Thank you for what you do!" ~ Jay in MN

"Awesome thanks for the kind email and thank you so much for helping me to be able to smell really nice 😁, really appreciate it and all the time effort and thought that goes into making them. Scent is amazing. I can be driving along and not hungry and drive past McDonalds and smell the food and I'm starving all of a sudden. Same being around someone cooking on a barbecue sausages etc. My family will appreciate being around me smelling nice. Thanks heaps have a awesome day and will definitely buy from you again and the packaging items and opening everything was awesome too. 10/10" ~ Steven in Australia

"Thank you Bryan! I absolutely love your oils and they always smell amazing! I won’t buy from anyone else! Thank you for such a great product!" - Amber in WY

"Just wanted to thank you for the amazing fragrance that you make with the vanilla and citrus. I'm a nurse and don't like wearing strong offensive fragrance. One day, I wore this and a coworker that doesn't normally flirt with me was acting really fidgety and wired while he was talking to me. I forgot that I was wearing the oil but when he said" whew, I better leave before I get into trouble", I remembered. Mind you, he's never done that in the 4 yrs we've worked together! I just smiled. He didn't push and ask what I was wearing, I don't even know if he could smell it, but there was def a response! Also, I've noticed that even difficult patients have been pleasant when I have them. Somethings def working! Just ordered a few more bottles and can't wait! Thanks for an awesome product!!" - L. M.

"I have been a sporadic customer for a long time and wanted you to know I appreciate your prompt service and expanded product line. I don't know how the oil works, but it does, it's always fun to watch how men react when you wear it." - Jean in UT

"... I cannot wait to get my second order!! I REALLY see a difference when I wear your pheromones.." - Holly in GA

"I LOVE your product!!! Can't wait to receive more as usual!!! Please ship soon as possible!!! THANK YOU..." - Rupal in MD

"...wanted to tell you again how much I love your company. Anytime I've ever ordered, you and your team have worked to make it about my satisfaction and that is really hard to find, especially in an online store. I told that to those that matter to me today too, so you've got a few fans more out here in Missouri." - Rachel in MO

"I am really pleased with your products. They were so reasonably priced and the formula is really potent. The pheromones interact with women and its so strong that its embarrassing. I am really impressed with what you've done. Your products are better than "attract-a-mate 'w'" Thank you for your patronage. The "Feng Shui" is a real hit, too. Sincerely." - Mike in SD
"I met a woman last night for the first time, see was all over me... Great night. good product.. IT WORKS...............BUY IT..." - Glenn in PA
"...I can not believe the response I got from men; they keep saying what do you have on, that smells so good! Of course, I won't tell the secret. Men got very nervous and excited around me, it was fun to see that :) I purchased romance scent... it's spectacular; I can wait to go to a few job interviews that I have pending. ***By the way, I got 2 invitations to go out the same day, wearing the romance scent oil :) Thank you for your quick service, and great smelling products!" - W.M.
"I received my order on time and in excellent condition. I wore the oil to work the following day. I found that the women were all swarming around me... For the past ten years I have never had an up close, touchy feely relationship with anyone (in the workplace). These people are all over me! What is this stuff? What have I done? How can I order a gallon?! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" - Tim in DC
"...I didn't tell my fiancee that I was wearing them and watched to see if he had any kind of out-of-the-ordinary reaction, and boy, was it dramatic! He kept asking, 'What perfume are you wearing?' He also remarked that I should probably not wear it unless I had one thing in mind. We were on our way somewhere in the car, and at one point he said that it was driving him so crazy, I might need to wash it off if we were going to get to our destination that day." - Kathy in WA
"I was incredibly pleased with your product. I ordered a 3/8 dram multi-pack in hopes that at least one would affect my husband of 13 years. WOW! I didn't know he could be so .... primal. When I wear "vanilla", he cannot keep his hands off of me. Thank you! I'm going to have to buy a gallon!" - S.P. in CO
"I am satisfied because you are doing a good job. Yes, I still get a thrill when a package is delivered to me, and was amazed how quickly I receive my order. Wow!
When I received the box, (6 for women), (4 for men), I was just smelling the scents and tried on 2, mixed patchouli and jasmine to see what they would smell like together. I am female, but wearing the pheromone oil for women to attract men, had my body and mind monopolized in the ~urgency~ for sex mode for hours. Unfortunately I was somewhere that, that mode was inappropriate. Don't open the box at work. The pheromone in these little bottles is very real and very powerful.
Anxious to share the box with my husband." - Lisa in OK
"As a sales person, I have grown to depend on this stuff. I accredit my new position as the director of new business development to you guys. THANKS." - Tamika in VA
"There definitely is a reason you get repeat customers. I bought the original pheromone oil again, and my nieces and nephews are responding positively. The man I care about is noticing me more and I am completely excited about this! Thank you so much for such a high quality, product that works!" - Kathleen in WY
"I work as a masseuse and it is VERY popular with all of my clients, male and female" ... "It has a definite affect on the mood of people, it makes them feel calm and relaxed, and I have noticed that men really love the smell and the compliments are wonderful." - Hayley in CA
"Hi there, Just wanted to send mail to say I am thrilled with your service - my parcel arrived today, and I was estimating it would take longer because Im in NZ. The packaging was perfect, the little box I cant throw away, its so cute, and the bottle.. it is divine, I am stoked at the wonderful price, and even your little thank you note. I cant wait to see how my boyfriend reacts to the oil. It has been a great internet shopping experience, and your truly wonderful you know!! You really do go all out for your customers, and its so.. perfect!! ..." - J.W. in New Zealand
"Hello, Just wanted to let you know that I love your products. They really work well. I always get much attention while wearing your product. Thanks so much for the great customer service and fast shipping. Keep up the good work. Take care." - Tina in PA
"This stuff is great! I am really surprised and pleased at the response I'm getting. When it first arrived, I put it on - and the scent of unscented oil ALONE smells wonderful, I couldn't stop smelling my wrists. The stuff turns ME on!! It makes me feel very sexually aware and awake - even though it's the time of the month (end of pms) where I don't want to be touched in any kind of sexual way, and am not in the mood mentally. I feel like I'm right in the middle of ovulation. Yippee!The reaction from my husband was VERY pleasing, he was all over me - and when he's not sexual, he's affectionate and attentive without me having making an effort to do nice things for him. I haven't had a chance to wear it "out" in a social situation but had a funny experience at school. My class is ALL female except for the teacher - and when I wore it, EVERYONE was in a riotous and oversexed mood, the comments and innuendo were nonstop and over the top. They were like, "what has gotten into us today?!" I thought I knew.This is so good, I'm going to have to get some for my husband as a treat for *me* and sneak it onto him. Thanks!!A very happy customer. Will update after some social outings." - 'Anonymous' in NY
"Just a note to let you know that I am a satisfied repeat customer (just received my third order)! I am a sales associate in a company that provides employee group benefits. I always wear scented pheromone oil when I'm doing employer and employee presentations. The results are remarkable. The male business owners are more friendly and more receptive to our program, and male employees seem to buy more of our product. Seems unfair, doesn't it?! My track record is such that my manager sends me to recall on companies in which other associates have been turned away because he knows I can get the job done...... little does he know how it works! Thanks again..." - Jill in IN
"Hi, I bought 2 sample bottles of your 100% for women to attract men. I will be honest, I was skeptical. I tried the allure gel before and some other stuff and it just had no results. I have not bought the previous items from you, just the recent 100%, and I must say I am SHOCKED!! My (ex) b/f of 5 years, has really responded!!! We have been on the outs for some time now, separated and he is living with someone else. But I decided the other day when I received the oil, just to give it a try and see if he noticed. I wore it to take our baby to him, and he did respond, we kissed like crazy, but he was kinda stand offish! Then today, I wore it again to see him to pick up the baby, and he showed up with a rose for me (said from the baby) and I gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek, and he said to me, "Is that all the kiss I get"!!! This man has been soooo angry with me and had no desire to even talk to me, for 3 mos. and now he wants to kiss me! I know he is still in love with me, but I had no idea this product would have this kind of affect on him! I am very pleased with this and I recently ordered your new Rapture! I look for he and I to get back together soon! And I would recommend your product to anyone. IT REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Angela in IN
"Just to thank you for the prompt delivery of my order which arrived today. I am impressed by the sheer quality of your perfume oils. They all make you smell good enough to eat. I put a little of warm lei on..i loved it..my youngest son who is 19 remarked on my perfume. He is very designer conscious, so a compliment from him has to be a first. He said it reminded him of somewhere exotic. I also bought your variety pack of test vials, so i am in for an exciting time testing them all out to find out which scents are suitable for me. My husband also noticed the new perfume. It awakened him from his normal snoozing position in front of the tv. He actually spent some time talking to me. Can't wait to see if i get any other action. I am glad I bought your perfume oils. There is no way I have wasted my money. Thank you again, you can expect further orders. Congratulations on an exceptional product.. Happy customer."
"...I must tell you how impressed I am today after wearing the warm lei perfume oil to work. I am not beautiful and I am in my forties. But your product really works, it is like magic. Guys were smiling at me and talking to me. They seem to linger by my side. I think the scent hypnotizes them. *LOL* Its great. Even one obnoxious supervisor who is normally hostile held a conversation with me today and called me a foxy lady (err he has no chance). Hubby on the other hand is a little slow to respond (shame), but then one of the scents in the trial pack might get him going. Mind you I did get treated to fish and chips tonight instead of coming home from work and cooking, so that's a bonus. One of these days I might get that candlelit dinner. He is suggesting a holiday mmmmm I think your perfume oil IS doing something. Anyway I am glad I discovered your website please keep me up to date with your products your onto a winner! I shall try all the scents and see what happens (I am very excited..) Then I will select the fragrances I want. All I can say is even if you look like the back of a bus this oil attracts men like a magnet (cheating isn't it?) So you don't need to get a facelift, diet, or anything to see results.. And I'm saying that after only using it for one day. There are so many products claiming to work. THIS FRAGRANCE OIL DOES. I am trying another of the test vials tomorrow. They all smell so good its difficult to decide. Thank you again and I look forward to sending you another order. All the best." - Glenda in the U.K.
"Pheromoneoil.com did everything in a timely and professional manner. I received my order 3 days after I ordered it, and shipping was only $1.50. I will be telling everyone i know that this is a safe web site to order from. Thank you. To whom it may concern, my experience with Crazyape.com was exactly the opposite. They took over a month to ship my order after I paid for it, then when it wasn't what I ordered they were very reluctant and made it difficult to ship it back for a refund. Crazyape.com received the returned product 12-03 and I still haven't received a full refund. Thank you Pheromoneoil.com for putting my faith back in online buying. Great buying experience" - Eli in CA
"...Your product is fantastic, I attest, I'm not in the sack every night but the flirting is just ass fun. I've noticed that women are affected (no matter the age), casual conversation to all out major flirting." - Glenn in PAI like it and will continue to purchase it until I can't any more..."
"...There was a reaction from my hubby, albeit a delayed one, but there was definitely a major change in his behavior last night once the scent acted on him--he was following me around like a puppy and our lovemaking hasn't been this good in 7 years and he was ready to go again this morning. He usually comes to bed much later than I do, we spend most of our time at home together in separate parts of the house, he sleeps on one side of the bed, back to me, I sleep on the other, we only make love 4 times a year, and he never hugs, caresses, or kisses me (in private or public) and takes offense if I try to hug, kiss or caress him (except to scratch his back). Last night, we made love 4 times, and he was very giving and affectionate. He even told me he loves me. Now, that is a major effect on this normally non-demonstrative guy. It just took a while to break through that barrier of his. I had to hold him off this morning or we'd both be late for work today. This stuff WORKS!!!" - Sunny in MN
"Now!! You can have my whole paycheck!!! ~LOL~I just wanted to write a little testimonial, i guess you call it.I came across your site the other day and was very impressed...although still unbelieving. I ordered the small capsule of the vanilla pheromone oil. I did this because I didn't believe all of the hype associated with the pheromones.My order came in immediately!! When I opened the capsule to smell the scent..my eyes rolled into the back of my head!! ~LOL~ I think it had its affects on me as well!! Anyway...to make a long story a lot longer...I'll tell you just a little bit about myself. This will help with the testimonial in case you are wondering..~LOL~I am a very passionate and sensual woman to begin with.......when men see me.and this is not to brag......they immediately feel that animal lust, as do I. I have been single a very long time because of this...no man takes me seriously....they just want to take me.....~lol~So...why, do you ask..........did i get this pheromone oil?? I HAVE NO FREAKING IDEA!!! My God!! I even have women hitting on me!!!!I received the vial two days ago..........it's almost empty and i'm broke and i need more!! ~lol~ It's like a drug!!Seriously though......in the past two days, I've had fifteen men hit on me...3 "eyeball" me and comment on my physical appearance........and ALL of them asked what scent I was wearing!!! One even asked me if I was wearing Victoria's Secret perfume!!!!I also mixed it with Dark Vanilla perfume I get from Walmart and it didn't lessen the affect. Actually, it seemed to intensify it.........and that's eight hours after I used the oil!!!I could go on and on and on, as you can see.......but suffice it to say...I'M A BELIEVER!!!! And I WILL be ordering much more of your product!!!Can you give me a dollar amount on a case? Or do y'all sell it that way??" - Shannon in LA
"I'm a three-peat customer of Pheromoneoil.com for two reasons: (1) I believe pheromone oils attract both men and women; and, (2) Bryan Clark is the quintessential business man.My first order consisted of: 5 Pack of the 100% Pheromone Oil and two 1/2 oz. bottles (each) of the vanilla and the mixed scent Midnight Garden.Periodically, I check Pheromoneoil.com for new products and / or scents. I like the idea of a convenient roll-on applicator so after speaking with Bryan, I ordered three roll-ons: 100% Pheromone Oil (attracts men), Feng Shui Water and Feng Shui Fire. I was so extremely pleased with my second order that I reordered the 100% Pheromone Oil and the Feng Shui Water (both roll-ons). Coincidentally, at about the same time I received my second order I began dating a man -- I'm happy to say I'm still seeing him -- he has commented on numerous occasions that he likes the fragrance I'm wearing. One day he phoned to tell me that he had found the roll-on applicator of the "man-magnet" fragrance I wore.Several weeks I offered to assist two male BART police officers attempting unsuccessfully to lure a stray dog into the back of their vehicle. As I approached the dog with my outstretched arm, he willingly walked toward me. I inquired as to whether I could assist by getting into the back of the car in order to coax the dog in with me. One of the officers declined but remarked, "I had an aura around me." I smiled because I realized it was the pheromone oil I was wearing. Thanks Bryan for a great product and for the excellent customer service you provide." - Estelle in CA
"Great product, I have used the massage oil and the Pheromone Oil, love the message oil, and my partner loves it too. I can't wait to massage her each and every night, and I know that she really enjoys the massages. This oil has brought a new relationship to wonderful heights in a very short time. Thank you!" - Dave in Canada
"Bryan,Just wanted to tell you about my experience. This was my first time using pheromones, and I decided to run a test. I dressed very plainly, with little makeup and went to the grocery store. Both men and women were pleasant, and one man actually emptied my cart for me!I've had more attention in this one day than I've had in months. Thanks so much!" - Kathleen in WY
"I have received your products and i am very pleased with their affects.This magnificent product has TOTALLY changed my life. I would like to buy one of the bigger ones, so would you please send me the price of these products so that i may choose one to purchase. I would also like some information on how these pheromones work and how they are made.THANK YOU!!!P.S. I am in the process of writing an article about the marvelous affects this oil had had on my life. I will send it as soon as i am finished." - Addisu in Ethiopia
"hhhaaaaaaa hhhaaaaa hhaa haa ha ha ha thank you GOD ( Bryan ) ... I'll be ordering soon again .. heheh , i can't take that smile off my face ..! ;)" - Martin in Canada
"To anyone thinking about using this product for the first time, from a repeat customer.I have been using Pheromone oil for almost three years now. If you are thinking of using it for the first time but are holding back for whatever reason, I'll offer a little free advice that you won't find in the ad. The best way to start is to order a variety of the different 3/8 dram vials. Be sure to include a couple of of vials of 100% Pheromone Oil. When the product arrives, wear a different scent each day when your around the special someone in your life.(Or someone you are interested in having become the special someone.) It won't take long to find out just which ones turns that persons head. Then when you re-order, you will know just what to get. Note: as with any other scent, not all of them will work with every person.I found two of the scents and the 100% Pheromone Oil are the three that work for me. Now after a couple of years of research, I only get the 100%, which, after I apply it, I apply a light touch of a scent that my lady bought for me. (Not in the same areas) Here's the great part, she smells the scent that she purchased for me (which, as we all know, they purchase scents that they want us to wear because they enjoy them) and she can't keep her hands off me. Whenever I wear that combo, I'm sure to have all the attention I can handle. You may not believe it yet, but there will be times that you won't wear the Pheromone Oil just to get a little rest from all the touching.One last note, I tried two other brands before I found Pheromone Oil.com and I can tell you, save your money, Bryan has got the best product on the market and he does not try to gouge you with the prices. Once you have tried it, you'll agree its well worth the small investment." - Bill in WI
"I swear that stuff works!!! ... I was wearing it on Cinco de Mayo, went out that night and I swear, it wasn't the margaritas!! Everyone was asking 'What are u wearing?'" - Diane in CA
"I'm writing to let you know that your discovery of making this oil, is out of this world. I wish I only thought of it. I myself love the smell of Spellbound, I even excite myself. ... the BEST thing is, is that I was trying to get my mom to buy some, she just never got around to it. So for Christmas, I sent her my favorite one. She has a boyfriend, who normally doesn't like perfume. And one night she wore it (just a dab behind each ear), her boyfriend came over, and the first thing he said was *Ohh, your wearing perfume, I like it* and of course you know where that led to. My mom said it works ever time, and she will NEVER revel her *best kept secret*. It made me so happy to hear that it worked for her. It made, not working on my husband, worth every drop. I still wear it, just to get attention when I'm out. I like how it makes me feel. I feel like a ~*STAR*~ Thanks for helping many people in this world, get what they want and desire. Keep up the great work. By the way your delivery OUTSTANDING. I Love this stuff." - Mindy in CA
"...WOW it works like a charm NO LIE, Really what a difference. Ive never had a problem getting him to be hot for me but it is more so now. WOW I love it, and it lets me closer to the one I love with all my heart even more." - "L." in WI
"I got my shipment today, and was very pleased! I put very little on, and my husband noticed it right away!! I have to say that I am VERY satisfied, and that you will definitely be getting a larger order from me! ... Thanks for this I know it will make a difference in my sex life, which was beginning to be a strain in my marriage. Thanks ever so much for the wonderful service! I will definitely recommend you to my friends that need the help." - Terry in TX
"...I purchased the Patchouli pheromone oil for women and I really love it. I've tried similar products in the past and liked them but now that I've tried yours its far more superior. I'll be a regular customer from now on, your patchouli scent is very high quality and the pheromones ABSOLUTELY DO work!
WORD OF CAUTION this stuff is Sooooooooo Good in attracting men of ALL types! You have to take the bad with the good, they'll all be wanting to be close to you, that's for sure. I love this stuff, its so great and fun to wear.
Aside from the pheromone's , men really seem to love the musky earthy scent of Patchouli too, I get lots of compliments on how good I smell.THANK YOU, I'm so glad I found your product." - Cindy in PA
"...I hate to keep going on, you just can't guess how much this product has done for me. I recently started an outdoor advertising company, Sign painting and design. In one particular situation I made several failed personal calls trying to establish a sigh repaint and maintenance account with a large apartment complex. The guy I called on is and older gentleman in his 60's and quite a horses __ __ __ . He was rude and unwilling to listen to anything I had to say. It just so happened that one Saturday I dropped in on him. His wife was all made up ( Looked like a sixty year old Dolly Pardon ) but she seemed on the war path. I discretely opened, and applied a small amount of Drakkar scent on my mustache walked up and said "WOW" you look beautiful. She gave me a big smile, so I laid the charm on. I figured this old fellow hated my guts anyway so I took her by the arm and walked her around the grounds pointing out how much better the grounds would look with new signs. She informed me that she was just as much the owner as he was and she wanted to do something about it. Two days later he called me, now I am working a full range bid on the property, I stopped in to take some photos, I walk up to him and told him thanks for the contract. He said don't thank me thank Helen ( his wife), she is the one that insited we do the work, she was very impressed with you. I walked out to the truck pulled one of your cards and gave him my last vile of Drakkar and explained everything. You may soon receive an order from this old fellow if he plays his cards correctly. You need a scent called "Wildfire"! That's the closest way I can relate the way women react to me now. Confidence is another." - Jack in TX
"Hello Bryan, Yes I got my mixed scent and loved it. Also I got my other order in the same super speed fashion. I must admit even without the great product this is my favorite site because I can count on shipment within days! I think your doing a super job. I NEVER worry about purchasing using my visa-very secure site!! Thank you for informing me that none of the products has an animal base! My cats get really affectionate when I wear it. What is funny is that not only do men pay more attention to me but women are nicer to me. I believe women are so competitive that if they pick up some other woman has an edge they get closer to figure it out. Maybe it is like a pride of lioness where they hunt in a pack(?) I loved the strawberry scent! Again Bryan-SUPER SERVICE!!! Tell me where I could vote best internet site for security and service!!!" - Gigi in NM
"Dude, I always thought this oil stuff was a total sham, i knew it smelled good, but to attract chicks i though was total BS. Since I've had it, it's been a different chick every night that wants to nail me, I am freaking amazed. I don't know if it is because it smells good, or that it actually works, but what ever it is, i am totally not complaining. I need to buy a gallon of this stuff. From here on out, this is my cologne for life. Thanks for making this stuff." - Joe in IL
"I am very much interested in buying your product again. I really thought it was a hoax, but I'm the type that will try anything once, and on the occasions I would put some on specifically at my office (I'm in construction-the only female amongst all men... I love my job! teehee) Anyway, inevitably several guys would comment, usually immediately upon walking in my office even, how nice I smelled, or commented on my hair or makeup or were just extra flirtatious... Too coincidental to be just a fluke...I have vowed to be "faithful" only to your company as I was so pleased not only with the fun results, but of your very prompt service..." - Holly in CA
"I just wanted to thank you for your fantastic oils! I can't believe how well they work. As soon as my sample oils are gone, I'll be placing another order. The oils really work; I could tell a difference the first night I wore some! The service was wonderful, and I really appreciate the prompt way my order was filled and delivered. Thanks again and keep up the great work!" - J. in UT
"I just want to give my personal testimonial about this product. I purchased it to attract men about 3 months ago but never used it because I honestly didn't think it would work and was wondering why I bought it. Well, we all know that in the summer time you want to look your best and attract the opposite sex especially when your single! I decided to give the product a try and the results were absolutely unbelievable! I mean out of this world! But first I must tell you how I used your product. Since it is said that the product should not be used as a perfume I decided to dab very little under each ear (I've learned that a little goes a long way) and then spray on one of my regular perfumes I wear and talk about drawing a crowd! Men were acting like I was some kind of goddess or something and I loved every minute of it. One gentlemen in particular asked me what the name of my perfume was and I told him. He said it should be called 'Come to me' because he was so drawn to me! I knew then it wasn't just my perfume at all it was your product that drew him to me. Why do I say this? Because I've worn that very same perfume before without your product and never got the attention I did with it! I don't care what anyone says this stuff works and is very powerful!! Thanks so much for making the dating scene so much easier for me!" - Tina in OH
"I think your service is great! It took just 4 days for me to receive my sample, that's faster than some of the parcel mail here in the UK. As for the product I was a bit skeptical at first but after using it, its just totally WICKED!" - William in the U.K.
"...I got your three vials. I bought some fuzzy peach oil the other day at the body shop here at the mall. At midnight last night I put the vial of peach in with the fuzzy peach, mixed it together, and it drove my husband nuts! He loved it and complimented me for two hours on it!. He loved the scent! It still smells on my body after four hours! WOW! that's great! I am going to try it out when I go to this restaurant we go to tonight, wear it around my friends, and see what their reaction will be. Cant wait to see how it works on other people, especially other guys. Its my little secret!" - Lynn in WI
"...Thanks for the 100% APC blue bottle (1/2 ounce). I mixed it in with my jasmine body oil the past few nights... Got a lot of compliments on how i looked last night at this certain restaurant we go to. Anyway, I wore the mixture of jasmine and 100% APC last night. Get this... my husband is 68 years old and I am 57! I was getting dressed last night to go out to dinner with my husband and two of our friends, and before we left the house, my husband really complimented me on how young I looked and how nice I smelled. I wear the nice jewelry and makeup and nice clothes when we go out... Anyway, then two minutes later he did a complete about-face and he told me that I am too young for him and that I did not need an old man to be married to. He sounded kinda jealous about the way I looked and smelled. When we went to our favorite place to eat last night, boy did I ever get the compliments from men! My husband was totally jealous of all the attention I was getting last night. He could not handle it! Oh well! Too bad, so sad for him. And I laughed under my breath because I knew the oils were kicking in! I am having a lot of fun doing what I am doing, and wearing the oils of APC and jasmine. It acts like a sex magnet for me to attract other men! I am having a real ball with it! I have never had so much attention from other men in ages, and i intend to continue with it! Its a real blast for me and it makes me feel young again! I love it! Well, I just wanted to let you know what is starting to happen with me since I got started wearing the 100% APC mixed with my jasmine body oil. I feel like a whole new woman!!!" - Lynn in WI
"...I do believe I found my love potion in your 100% APC oil! It works magic for me! Just what i needed in my life. It's adding a lot of spice to my life! Really, it works (at least for me it does)! I have never had so much fun in my life in the last two days since using APC. Its my magic elixir!" - Lynn in WI
"Dear Sir, I was searching the web when I ran across your home page. I had typed in a search for (pheromones) and was looking through all the different companies. Price, quality and quantity is what got my attention on your site. I placed a trial order to check out the product and now I am hooked. I have a minor in Psychology and I like working on little projects of my own. I have found when in class that if i wear my spectacles I am perceived to be smarter by fellow students. I have found the to be the same with Pheromoneoil/Attractionoil. I am one of the pranksters at work and have very seldom receive much respect from fellow employees. Now I have found that when I wear your product, although still a prankster, that when I do have something to say people listen. I get more respect from the men and even the old boss man. As far as the women go lets just say I have been very successful. I think the 1 oz. bottle is the best bang for my buck. The price is the best on the market. Basically all I can say is if someone has doubt, spend a few bucks and try the product it comes in affordable price ranges. The only thing is you will not get results until you put it on and go out. Wear it to work, mall, or just anywhere that you will contact people and then check out the results. The most fun I've had is a couple of times I've put it on men and then dabbed some on the ceiling fan blades and invited people over. All I can say is BIG FUN. Your Loyal Customer," - Jack in TN
"Hi, I received your vanilla scent today and it is wonderful!! I like this because it is very subtle and soft. Some of the stronger, alcohol-based perfumes give me really bad headaches when I try to wear them. I even had this problem with expensive brands. No headaches at all with this very nice oil, though -- It is just perfect for me. I was pretty skeptical about the pheromone aspect, but I have to say that I did notice some effects in just one day. My husband kissed me goodbye on the way to work, which he rarely does. Two guys that always walked past my desk before stopped today to smile and talk with me! I saw more smiles in the hallway, too. But the funniest thing was that even my little boy and my two cats (both male) were friendlier towards me today -- I couldn't believe it. Something about it definitely works, that's for sure. :)... Thanks so much!" - Amy M. in OH
"Thanks ! You did very well; the 100% (APC) is great... I have to attest to the great results. I know a very pretty young lady that in the past treated me with cool disdain. I wore the 100% (APC) and visited her office a grand total of three times. I just popped in to say hello and wish her well. Each time she became more friendly. Her boss, a very attractive older married woman couldn't stop squirming in her seat, I can tell she was very hot for me. I finally told her the (young lady) that I knew it would not be possible, but if it were, I would like to take her out. She called me later that evening! At the dance hall I remembered what you said about smoke killing the effect, so I placed it deep under my shoulder, on my chest, and inside my shirt. She couldn't keep her face out of my chest. She actually became jealous when the prettiest bartender kept smiling at me and bought me a drink called 'Sex on the Beach'. We made love all night and afterwards she wore my shirt to sleep in all night and actually took it with her in order to keep my smell close; (her actual words). She called me at noon the next day and wanted to make love. I am not use to this kind of treatment. I like it! Also my ex-wife actually told me that she still loves me after we talked in court. It seems now that every woman I make contact with has a special smile on her face and I am quite confident knowing I have this new found power. I gave two vials to a buddy of mine that is having marital problems. He recently stopped by and told me that she (his wife) is now eating out of his hand.. I told him not to be over confident as I have the stuff to..Ha! He will soon be a new customer of yours. I am truly amazed. Women seem to smile at me a lot and are always excited around me.. I like the little tubes, they are easily concealed. When you want to apply a little it's not as noticeable... I love this, You could never have convinced me had I not tried it, I was not desperate, just without! Now I don't even try. Oh I stay sharp and clean and well mannered.... but the edge is there. THANK YOU. And Get this >>> I now have normal conversations (No arguments) with my mother for the fist time in years. Her little old lady friends seem to adore me and make a big "TA DO" over my visits.....I can tell fresh baked cookies is in the making...Your product also helps patch up hurting relationships.Thanks" - Jumpin Jack in TX
"Hello! Wanted to let you know I received this item today and the first time I put it on to go see my husband at work he REALLY noticed and loved it! I did not believe it really would work that is why I bought such a small amount. I want to thank you for making a great difference in a already great relationship but it did spice things up a notch. I want to purchase more so please send me info......Thank you so much!"- Therese in MI
"I just received 2 of your $3 bottles of pheromone oil in the mail today, and I immediately applied a little bit of it to the areas wear I normally wear perfume. My husband was all over me within minutes! I didn't initiate it so I have to give the oil credit. Thank you!"- Lucy in MD
"...I bought your sample and loved it. It really worked great, my boy friend didn't know what hit him. Thanks"- Holly in MA.
"I honestly don't know what to say other than I have spent hundreds of dollars on this perfume or that one. The first time I wore one of your pheromone oils all I can say is that the gentleman I was out with didn't leave my side all evening. I was a huge disbeliever of this product. I figured it had to be a scam. I have worked for a federal judge and now for a law firm. I am a highly skeptical person and tried a couple of little bottles initially. If you notice a month later and my order has quadrupled!! I got tired of sticking cotton swabs in empty bottles trying to get the last drops. The empties I left open and stuck in my dresser drawers. I am a big time consumer in general. I believe that capitalism should be kept open along with free commerce. 90% of products out there don't come close to doing what they profess they will. This stuff works! TRULY WORKS!For those who understand no further explanation is necessary, for those who don't no explanation is possible. BUY IT!!! Right this very minute!!A happy customer:Joy B.PS: it works with men anywhere....not just lovers or buddies.....all of them!"- Joy in CA
"Great product, nice fragrance, already getting compliments. Cheaper than perfume.” Morrisa in IL.
"I've always had trouble meeting men. When I apply your pheromones guys come up to me and introduce themselves all the time!” Karen in AL.
"I ordered 3 bottles and I'm going to order more when it runs out. Incredible product!” Jane in NY.