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Product Image Mini Wood Oil Diffuser and 1/2 Ounce Sandalwood Oil Kit - AttractionOil.com

Mini Wood Oil Diffuser and 1/2 Ounce Sandalwood Oil Kit

$9.95 $19.95

Spreading the original ecology of the wood - let the direction of the essential oil linger around, we like the aroma of the essential oil, but it can really lock in the essential oil to make it slowly spread the fragrance of the carrier. Both the diffused wood and the essential oils are self-picked, like flowers and trees, which can be better blended, so that the fragrance is natural and natural. Applications - can be placed in the office, bedroom, living room, car, beauty salon, yoga studio, or anywhere. It has the effect of refreshing and helping sleep. Breathing the scent of your favorite essential oil in a quiet sleep environment, you will absolutely fall into deep sleep like a baby. Top groove design - groove design, easier to store and absorb essential oils, making it lasting fragrance. Easy to use, easy to carry - drip 3-4 drops of essential oil, finish waiting for penetration, you can smell the essence of oil at any time.

2" x 1" Wood Diffuser

1/2 Ounce of Sandalwood Oil (no pheromones)

Just pour 3-4 drops into diffuser

Diffusing improves after days of use as it seeps into wood!