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Rollon Trio

$25.00 $36.00

THREE of our most popular sized bottles: The Roll-on (6 ml)

Choose from our most popular combinations!


Look around... You won t find a higher pheromone concentration anywhere!

Men's 4X Pheromone 3 Pack All Pheromone 4X
Women's 4X Pheromone 3 Pack All Pheromone 4X
Men's Clean 3 Pack Unlimited Axes, Issey Miyake, Ocean
Women's Clean 3 Pack Winter Mint, Cool Water, CK One
Men's Designer 3 Pack Angel, Drakkar, Issey Miyake
Women's Designer 3 Pack Rapture, Dark Kiss, Cool Water
Men's Feng Shui 3 Pack Earth, Fire, Water
Women's Feng Shui 3 Pack Earth, Fire, Water
Men's Mixed Scent 3 Pack Fire & Ice, Wild Night, Rain Forest
Women's Mixed Scent 3 Pack Honeywood, Midnight Garden, Ice Dream
Men's Our Picks 3 Pack Skull & Rose, Leather, Ocean
Women's Our Picks 3 Pack Dark Kiss, Peach, Juicy Couture
Men's Newest 3 Pack Absinthe, Bamboo, Champagne
Women's Newest 3 Pack Cashmere, Pink Sugar, Flowerbomb
Men's Romantic 3 Pack Angel, Romantix, Tommy
Women's Romantic 3 Pack Beautiful, Rose, Strawberry
Men's Strong 3 Pack Western, Submission, Romantix
Women's Soft 3 Pack White Musk, Meow, Warm Lei
Men's Sweet 3 Pack Sex on the Beach, Cucumber Melon, Wild Night
Women's Sweet 3 Pack Peach, Lick Me All Over, Vanilla
Men's Top 3 Pack Armani, Abercrombie, Drakkar
Women's Top 3 Pack Vanilla, Lick Me All Over, Love Spell
Men's or Women's Custom Pack Specify which 3 scents in the 'Add a note to your order'
field during checkout ( 4X NOT INCLUDED )

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