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Large Container of Relaxing Bath Salts

$6.50 $9.95

Relax in sweetly fragrant warmth as special ingredients soften skin all over. Hydrating bath salts; add to bath to ease the tensions of the day.

17 oz. (very generous quantity)

Made in the USA from the finest quality ingredients.

4" diameter x 3" high.

3 scents left!

Cherry Blossom: Bath time takes on the fresh scent of spring with a sprinkle of bath salts! (OUT OF STOCK!)

Mulberry: Sun-ripened berries add uplifting fragrance; natural emollients bathe thirsty skin in supple warmth.

Apple Pear: Bright, juicy apple-pear scents add a delicious dose of fragrance to your steamy bath time soak.

Vanilla Orange: Perk up your senses with the creamy, dreamy aromas of vanilla and orange; a scrumptiously scented bath time treat! Simply sprinkle into water and enjoy.