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Votive Candles - Set of 4

$2.50 $3.50

Includes four highly scented votive for long-lasting enjoyment.

Made in USA.

Paraffin wax.

Each is 1 3/8" diameter x 2" high.

Set of 4.

9 Scents Available!

Apple Pie Votive Candles: Turn any day into a holiday with the mouthwatering scent of fresh baked apple pie

Apricot & Mango: Two tempting fruit fragrances, apricot and mango, create a singular scent that's a tropical treat

Citrus Sage Votive Candles: An energizing combination of citrus and sage leaves you feeling revitalized and ready for anything that comes your way

Fresh Linen Votive Candles: The breezy scent of wind-kissed linen brings a fresh, clean, uplifting mood to any room

Midnight Garden Votive Candles: Like moonlight on petals, the gentle fragrance of these deep blue votive inspires a feeling of restful relaxation. Pure serenity

Mulled Cider Votive Candles: Celebrate the bountiful flavors of fall with a heartwarming hint of cinnamon-spiked apple cider

Orange Grove Votive Candles: Drift away on a soft cloud of fragrance, dreamily scented with oranges and cream. A mini vacation for the senses at the end of any trying day, or a perfect pick-me-up any time you please

Pumpkin Spice Votive Candles: Cinnamon, pumpkin, sugar and spice combine for a tempting fragrance thar's oh-so nice! Sweet Nectar Votive Candles: The sweet scent of spring's first blooms adds sunshine and gentle sentiment to any surrounding

Sweet Passion Fruit Votive Candles: Tempt your taste buds with the lush, juicy aroma of passion fruit straight from the vine; it's a scent that's truly divine!