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Wooden Tower Coffin Box Incense Burner

$14.95 $19.95

Brass stars inlay and carved design coffin incense burner for both sticks and cones. Can also be used to store incense. Wood coffin style incense burners offer no more ash to clean up. Simply stick in the incense and light. As it burns, watch the smoke curl out through the holes. All the ashes land neatly in the bottom. This unit can also burn cone incense as well. After a while when things have cooled down just dump out all the ash and start over again. There are holes in each side of the coffin. The unit is accented with a brass metal stars and is very nice looking. The unit is hand carved in India and makes a beautiful addition to your alter or as decoration for your home.

12 inch tall upright burner or incense holder

Excellent quality and craftmanship, imported from India.